woensdag 28 november 2012

Join the refugees in the camp eviction - come sleep

The judge has decided that our camp is to be evicted. Friday is the day. We invite everyone to join us in the camp. Protest against the treatment of refugees in Nederland. Show that we do not take how our protest is treated. We have calmly made just demands. Now politicians don't want us to show anymore how it really is Nederland. They want to put us in prisons for months and months, to hide the problem. Refugees who stand up for their rights get punished like heavy criminals. This is not acceptable. We call on everyone to join us in protest! Come this thursday at 5pm. We have space for you.


zaterdag 24 november 2012

Refugees demonstration in Amsterdam 27 Nov.....A solution is what we want

Click for link to high quality flyer
We are going to the streets again! There is a very good chance that this week our camp will be evicted. Most of us are likely to end up in refugee jails. Where? We don't know. For how long? We don't know. We plan to stay in action in the camp untill the police comes. But because the end of our camp is probably near we want to go to the street for a public demonstrationmarch one more time, this tuesday! We want everyone to know, especially the government, that we are here and we will stay. 

The point as always is this: they can arrest us but that will not change a thing. They can kick us in the street again but that will not change a thing. They would only increase our suffering. Why do they do this to us? The problem is caused by IND and government rules because of which we aren not allowed to stay, but at the same time they can not deport us. Thus we are trapped in the system. The only solution, as we have always said, starts with the reopening of our files and the IND believing our stories. If we had a legal paper, we would work hard to make a future in Nederland. Refugees and immigrants are hard working people! Give us this chance, it is our human right!

So yes, this may probably be our last action for now. But refugees have been in tentcamp actions for over a year. Always they arrest us; always we come back. Because they don't give a solution. So we will be back.

And our brothers in The Hague are also still in action.

15:00    Manifestation at the Dam; refugees and supporters speak out & music
15:45    March from Dam to IND office near Leidseplein
16:30    Arrival at IND office. Refugees and supporters speak out

We gaan we de straat op! Er is een grote kans dat deze week ons kamp ontruimd wordt. De meeste van ons zullen belanden in vluchtelingengevangenissen. Waar? Geen idee. Hoe lang? Geen idee. We zullen blijven actievoeren in ons kamp totdat de politie komt. Maar omdat het eind nabij is willen we nog één keer de straat op voor een publieke demonstratiemars, deze dinsdag! We willen dat iedereen weet, vooral de regering, dat we hier zijn en dat we zullen blijven.

Het punt is, zoals altijd, dit: ze kunnen ons arresteren maar dat verandert niets. Ze kunnen ons op straat gooien maar dat verandert niets. Ze zouden alleen ons lijden vergroten. Waarom doen ze dit ons aan? Het probleem is veroorzaakt door IND en overheidsregels waardoor we hier niet mogen blijven, maar zij tegelijkertijd ons niet kunnen deporteren. Dus zitten we vast in het systeem. De enige oplossing, zoals wij altijd hebben gezegd, begint met het heropenen van onze dossiers en dat de IND onze verhalen gelooft. Als we een verblijfsdocument hadden, dan zouden we hard werken om een toekomst in Nederland op te bouwen. Vluchtelingen en immigranten zijn hardwerkende mensen! Geef ons deze kans; het is ons mensenrecht!

Dus ja, dit is waarschijnlijk onze laatste actie voor nu. Maar vluchtelingen zijn al langer dan een jaar bezig met tentenkampacties. Altijd arresteren ze ons, altijd komen we terug. Ze geven namelijk geen oplossing. Dus we zullen terugkomen.

En onze broeders in Den Haag zijn nog steeds actie aan het voeren.

15:00    Manifestatie op de dam; vluchtelingen en ondersteuners spreken zich uit & muziek
15:45    Optocht van Dam naar het IND kantoor nabij Leidseplein
16:30    Aankomst bij IND kantoor; vluchten en ondersteuners spreken zich uit

dinsdag 20 november 2012

Osdorp refugees in hungerstrike demand a solution NOW

For months we have patiently asked for a solution to our situation. For months people of Holland have supported us. In the camp, the demonstration and in the media. The only thing that the government offers us is putting us away in a AZC for one month, and then put us on the street if we do not accept deportation. This is not acceptable. Our lifes are in danger in our own countries. The majority of us have gone on hunger strike. Going on hunger strike in the winter, in a tent camp, with many people allready sick, is dangerous for our lives. We hope that the government finally understands our desperation and our cry for help.

Open our files - believe our true stories.
Give us access to healthcare and education.
Security from random arrests.
Give us a residency permit.

If you want, give us a call
El mouthena :0685602714
Younes :0685270643
Mustafa :0684566733
Bayisa : 0684482895
Mamadou : 0684997713

Al maanden vragen we geduldig om een oplossing voor onze situatie. Al maanden steunen de Nederlanders ons. In het kamp, de demonstratie en in de media. Het enige dat de overheid ons biedt, is ons wegstoppen in een AZC voor één maand, om ons vervolgens op weer op straat te gooien als we deportatie niet accepteren. Dit is onacceptabel. Onze levens lopen gevaar in onze eigen landen. De meerderheid van ons is in hongerstaking gegaan. In hongerstaking gaan, in de winter, in een tentenkamp, met al veel mensen ziek, is levensgevaarlijk. We hopen dat de regering eindelijk onze wanhoop begrijpt en onze roep om hulp.

Open onze dossiers - geloof onze oprechte verhalen
Geef ons toegang tot zorg en onderwijs
Arresteer ons niet meer willekeurig
Geef ons een verblijfsvergunning

zaterdag 17 november 2012

Video! 4 Osdorp Refugees on the coming eviction

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Refugees in action together in Den Haag - Mayor wants to evict camp Osdorp

Earlier demonstration in Amsterdam
Today we went to demonstrate in Den Haag with our brothers to leave a message for the government of Holland. We are refugees, we're not criminals. We want our human rights. We suffer in the cold. The people of Holland always help us, but the same can not be said for the government. They refuse to find a solution. 

It was a good demonstration. The Den Haag camp had invited us. We managed again to make really clear to the public what our problems are. We walked for one and a half hour through the centre of Den Haag, past the government palace, shopping areas and houses. People looked outside their houses. Sometimes people walked along to show their support. We will continue with demonstrations untill we get a good solution from the government.

Yesterdag the mayor Van der Laan said to us that we have to leave our camp on 23th of november. Because he wants to protect us from the cold. He wants to protect our health. He wants to protect us from the extremists who locked us in our camp. And in order to protect us he wants to put us in a shelter for 1 month. How lovely. In the mean time we cannot raise our voice. But after that he will put us on the street again. Same as we do now, but we will be seperated. So then he does not help us: he only wants to hide the problem.

The problem is caused by our status. We cannot stay, but we also can not go. Any solution would have to deal with this. So the government needs to look again at our dossiers. They need to be opened. In the mean time we need security. Anything else but this is a fake solution.

We don't want to live in the street, in a AZC or in a prison. We want to build a normal life like everyone else. This is our human right. Please give us our human right.

If you want, you can call us.
el mouthena :0685602714
younes :0685270643
mustafa :0684566733
bayisa : 0684482895
mamadou : 0684997713

Check out the letter from the Mayor. It's quite a lot of text, but at the end he comes to his decision

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Also look at this video: 4 refugees on the coming eviction 

maandag 12 november 2012

New blog from Osdorp refugees!

Hi everyone,

From tomorrow, we, five representatives of the refugees from the camp Osdorp will start writing about our struggles, but also about what we need. So that all the people who want to help know how. But also about the actions we are going to do. We're thinking about the next step after the great demonstration last saturday. Make sure to stay in touch with this blog!

To start off, here's a text we distributed at the demonstration. It explains why we are here.

We are here because our life is in danger. There are four reasons for this. War is the most imprtant one. There are for example multiple civil wars in Africa. The second is political violence and oppression. Then there's religious division. Finally there are in all our countries problems betweeen tribes. All these cuases are related, they're mixed together. We can see this in the extremist movements. They make life impossible for you if you do not conform to strict rules. Having a drink can cost you your life. Being a member of another tribe, or of another religion, can bring you into deep trouble. So we are here bcause we face persecution and danger in our countries. We need to be in the Netherlands because this country is a free country where our lifes are safe and we could build a future.
We want your help. We want to get out of this situation. We want your help, not just with food and drinks, but with the broader issues. Help us with publicity, be creative: think about how you could help. Whether you're politically active, or a journalist, everyone can help in their own way. We have 5 representatives you can talk to, to explain our situation.

If you want, you can call us.
el mouthena :0685602714
younes :0685270643
mustafa :0684566733
bayisa : 0684482895
mamadou : 0684997713